What is Play Therapy and How Can it Help My Child?

Play is used in the therapeutic process to help children prevent or resolve difficulties in order to achieve growth and continued development.

Toys, art materials, games and other items can be used as a communication tool for clients to develop a safe and encouraging relationship with a play therapist.  

Children can express language with play when language skills are underdeveloped! 

Play is not threatening and can be a joy filled experience for any child.  

When working with children, my belief is that all behavior has a purpose and it is therefore our jobs as adults to understand that purpose and subsequent need that is being met. 

 My job as a play therapist, is to understand this world that the child lives in and therefore assist them in gaining the skills necessary to form a meaningful connection with those around them.  Meaningful connections enable us to understand behavioral difficulties and motivations while encouraging and guiding a child to find greater success in life. 

Your child is a unique individual with great potential!  I look forward to supporting their growth and encouraging them in a safe and nurturing therapeutic environment.  Together, with your support, your child can accomplish anything. 

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