​"Enter into children's play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet ". 
Virginia Axline
Individual, sibling and family sessions​

As life unfolds, many obstacles can present.  These challenges can impact a child and a family in many ways.  Therapeutic interventions are utilized to strengthen the individual in order to foster resilience and change.  Regardless of what brings you into the therapy relationship, your story matters.  My hope is to provide a safe and encouraging environment that will allow you or your child to feel competent and able to take on the world and therefore appreciate your own inner strength.  

Daycare Observations

Sometimes, explaining your child’s behaviors based on how they present in another environment can be a challenge.  Often times, children may do well at home or with their primary caregivers, but struggle significantly in another environment.  As busy adults, it is likely that our children spend portions of their week in a daycare environment.  When challenges arise in this environment due to behaviors, it can be difficult to best understand how to support the needs of the child.  Therefore, it can be helpful to gain a better perspective of your child within the environment that seems to cause the most difficulty.  


In addition to individual play therapy, I can provide on-site observations in your child’s daycare or preschool environment in order to better understand what difficulties are presenting.  This allows me to observe your child in their environment while also learning about possible triggers that influence their behavioral challenges.  It also allows me to discuss helpful follow up plans in an effort to support teaching staff and caregivers in multiple environments.  


Please let me know if you are interested in discussing this service during your child’s intake.  

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